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Natural Hoof Care
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About Me

My name is Jen Rakas and I am a Natural Hoof Care practitioner.  I have worked with and around horses for almost 35 years, though becoming a trimmer happened completely  by accident.  I always knew hoof care was an important part of caring for my horses and did my best to make what I thought were the best choices for them which is why I began researching the difference between barefoot trimming  and traditional.  My then 9 year old Trakehner mare had developed a front foot with club tendencies.  I knew her foot was not like that when she came to me as a youngster so why was it now? When I asked my farrier at the time why this had developed, his answer was..."that is just how she is."  I continued to read and and decided that even though she had never worn shoes, the barefoot trim was different and could possibly rebalance her.  I made an appointment with a wonderful barefoot trimmer who guided me through trimming my own horses and showed me how to gradually work my mare's heel back into a more correct position.  Her movement changed entirely because  she was finally balanced.   I couldn't get enough.  I continued reading and learning and finally enrolled in classes with an AHA certified practitioner, clinician and field instructor.  Now it is very hard for me to meet a horse and not look at their feet! 
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